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A Jazz-Pop single by guitarist and songwriter Chirag Todi, written and performed in collaboration with soul-pop duo Gouri and Aksha. This song was produced by Raag Sethi, recorded at Compass Box Studio and the video was directed by Tushar Kejriwal.

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Love Nobody ft. Ramya Pothuri & RANJ

‘Love Nobody’ is a fun remote collaboration between Chirag Todi, Ramya Pothuri, RANJ, and Pushkar Srivatsal which is releasing on the 24th of June. They met online and wrote this unique track helping each other push their musical boundaries.

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What is Panodrama?

Panodrama is Chirag Todi’s debut 6-track EP.  The EP was composed and recorded during the pandemic through online collaboration with Indie artists across India. This collaboration entails artists such as Warren Mendonsa, Jai Row Kavi, Tanya Nambiar, Yohan Marshall, Shreya Bhattacharya, Nirmit Shah, Vrnda Dhar, Abhay Sharma and Pushkar Srivatsal. The style of the songs range from Jazz-fusion to Pop.

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